Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Lessons

 I've been reading. I've been listening. I've been watching.

I haven't been as busy, which is nice. My sweetheart is right. Mental busyness is just as difficult as physical busyness.

Life lessons.

Things are the same everywhere. There is always poverty, rich, dirty, fun, hip, scary, inspirational, expensive, cheap, quality, etc. No matter where you live, what business you're in, what food you're eating.

Time is what you can never replace. And people waste it out of fear, so very often. How many times have you stayed in a relationship, because it was a little unnerving to be alone?

I did. :( For a very, very long time. Different men of course, but on and off again, just to escape the loneliness that has haunted me ever since I was a young girl. I need people, I need attention, I need to be valued. I wonder about that need - for attention specificially, but when it turns to I need to be valued, then I think that humans have a desire to feel valued, because everyone wants to feel validated, respected, important, missed if they were gone.

 I've been through so many lives in my short time on Earth, and many times I have wondered, ever since I was a young kid, would anyone even miss me if I was gone? Of course, my parents would miss me, and my sisters because they're supposed to, and my grandparents, my aunts of course, and now - my clients for sure because, honestly finding a great hairstylist is hard, my assistants would be quite sad I think, the friends I have developed over the years, perhaps would just never hear from me again (because that is kind of like me) or they would ask my parents, see it on Facebook or somehow talk with another like me.

 What are we doing with our lives? I have all these inspirational quotes, pictures, etc up in my house and most of the time, all I can barely do is BREATHE when I read them. Run here, run there - a lot of it has to do with food I realize. If you eat too much, and take in too many calories, you have to exert more energy to burn those off if you did not need them, and if you don't burn those extra calories off, you start to not feel like "your best" self. And I don't know about you - but I want to feel THE BEST that I can feel like all the time. Because...

#1. When I feel great, I perform great. At my job, in my personal life, in my professional life.
#2. When I feel great, I get out more, I'm more social - which just enhances my world and knowledge.
#3. When I feel great, I want to continue feeling great, so I make healthy choices. Food, water, exercise, balance of work and play - that's something we'll talk about.

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