Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Dating The Wrong One Causes You To Love The Right One More


You’ll learn that you are a survivor.

When you’re young, you haven’t yet experienced a lot of life, so if you fall in love for the first time with the wrong person, you risk sustaining a unique set of emotional scars.
Ultimately, you’ll realize that those wounds heal. It’s not the end of your world if your partner cheats on you or even leaves you. It was so obvious before, but it’s even more obvious when you come out of the wrong relationship.
You realize that you can land your feet, even when the unthinkable happens to you. In the right relationship, you’ll know that you’re a survivor, and you can live through the bad days and enjoy all of the good ones."

"Being in the wrong relationship made me more discerning about with whom I spent my time, and I think that’s wonderful.
I am open to love, but I am not open to being miserable. In the right relationship, you won’t be miserable; you’ll be content."

"life is all about the lessons that you learn from the people who come into your life. Use those lessons to make better decisions in the future"

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